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ecc concrete

This is the concrete you'll hear us highly recommend for your kitchen. It is the most advance concrete composite available on the market.


The finish is where you'll notice it differs from GFRC concrete which is casted off form. Our ECC mix is hand packed and trowel finished, leaving a true to traditional concrete look, while being stronger, lighter and more dense than other concrete. By adding a polymer and specific fibres to a sand and cement mix, it flexes at an astonishing rate, drastically reducing the chance of cracking. 

Troweling enables us to create movement and unique characteristic, giving the concrete a beautiful variance. But if the design calls for a more uniform look, ECC can also be poured off form and polished, as with our other products that require pouring into a mould.

We definitely love the finishes and textures we can achieve with ECC!


traditional concrete

In many applications, we choose to use a more traditional concrete mix, designed specifically for architectural finishes.

Using a higher MPA strength and steel reinforcement design, we can create concrete that redefines what the product can achieve.

Large unsupported areas such as cantilevers in outdoor kitchens lend themselves to traditional concrete as well as fire hearths, feature walls and many other large scale architectural concrete.

With years of experience in both ECC and traditional, we are happy to discuss the best option for any application.

Click here to see our architectural work 

Concrete Floating Step Landscaping
Concrete and Timber Side Table

sealer and care

We use the best sealers available on the market that are specifically designed for interior concrete products.


For high usage areas such as kitchens and furniture, we use a high performance hybrid polyurethane. Hybrid means that it is both penetrating and topical, maximising stain resistance while leaving a natural, low sheen finish that is completely food safe.


For low usage areas such as fire hearths, a densifier is a better option as it produces a more natural matte finish.


All types of sealer will wear over time. We recommend adding wax to your regular cleaning schedule to add protection to the sealer and help maintain the natural beauty of our concrete products for years to come.

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